22 November 2008

Worst Enemies/Best Friends; Annie Bryant

Worst Enemies/Best Friends (Beacon Street Girls) (Beacon Street Girls) Worst Enemies/Best Friends by Annie Bryant

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I'm giving this five stars not because I really like it, but because it seems to be a perfect example of what tweenage girls need to be reading. I know, they prefer stuff like Gossip Girl, but really - this is closer to their real lives. It's not so goody-goody wholesome that they'll be put off and the girls' characters ring true-enough-to-life. The plot was pretty standard (new girl at school tries to make friends and, after misunderstandings and normal girl stuff, finally does; a group of seeming misfits becomes a clique, but in a good way). It really felt like Seventeen to The Clique's Cosmo.

No, I won't read the rest of the series (no real need) but I'm going to make sure that we have the books at work and that students know that.

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