13 December 2008

Greetings from Nowhere; Barbara O'Connor

Greetings from Nowhere Greetings from Nowhere by Barbara O'Connor

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rating: 2 of 5 stars
Five characters in search of... something. Friends? Love? Both? Anyway, The Sleepy Time Motel, owned by Aggie, is the setting for the coming together and "healing" of Aggie, Willow, Loretta, Kirby and Clyde.

The main plot device seemed to move too quickly: could one really buy a motel in a matter of days? With all that seemed wrong with it, I just doubt that could happen. However, I didn't doubt Aggie's loneliness, or her attachment to Ugly and Howard, or her newfound attachments with Willow, Loretta and Kirby. The way everyone decided to help Clyde repair/refinish the Motel seemed forced, as did the semi-happy ending.

Kirby's problems were supposed to be the reason he was going to reform school, but I just never got the feeling he was the rotten kid the book wanted us to believe had had an epiphany. Perhaps the author was trying to tell us that he wasn't really a bad kid, just "misunderstood"? The message was muddied.

As for Loretta, she was the only character that felt real. She was also the one character that really didn't do much in the way of moving the plot forward: she came, she toured, she talked, she left. Very typical actions for someone her age.

This book felt a little lightweight for all the good press I've read.

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