26 December 2008

Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose (8); Sandy Balfour

Pretty Girl In Crimson Rose (8) Pretty Girl In Crimson Rose by Sandy Balfour

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I hate books that make me feel stupid. Not that this does, exactly, but it comes close.


Because I've never been able to do one of those cryptic crosswords. I can, and have, done the NYTimes crosswords (a moment's bragging: several I've done the Sunday in ink in less than an hour). But cryptics? Not a chance.

What the author here suggests is that might be in part because I don't understand the common language of the puzzle, or the setter. Now, in this memoir/instruction manual, he's talking mainly about the British cryptics but it does hold for American ones. If you don't understand the layers, or the hidden clues to it being an anagram, a "& lit" or a "double lit", you're lost.

Consider me lost. In admiration, of course, for anyone that can do them.

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