25 January 2009

If I Stay; Gayle Forman

If I Stay If I Stay by Gayle Forman

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When I heard about this book, my first thought was "oh, ok, something for the people who loved Elsewhere", but then I realized it was more like The Innocent's Story.

One snowy day in Oregon (ok, it's snowy if you consider a few flakes snowy; being from the Snow Belt in NY, I don't), Mia and her family decide to take a trip. Somehow, there's a massive car accident and Mia realizes that her mother and father are dead, and she... well, she's gravely injured. Except for the whole out-of-body thing she's now got going. And she's not sure what happened to her brother Teddy.

The rest of the story is told between her Other Body's watching/experiencing the reactions of her family, her friends and her boyfriend to her condition and her memories of what her life was before (learning to play cello, meeting Adam, her friendship with Kim, Teddy's birth, etc.). And, of course, deciding if she should stay or go.

This isn't the weepy I thought it'd be, but by the end there were a few sniffles.

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