08 January 2009

The Knife of Never Letting Go; Patrick Ness

Knife of Never Letting Go Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

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I heard about the book (forget where, exactly) and requested the ARC. Since then I've heard "buzz" about this book and was happy when it got to the top of Mt. Bookpile.

And then I read it. I think the concept is good (what is it that makes a man? what happens to a society where you can hear what's in people's minds? what is good? what is evil?), but the execution seems unnecessarily violent. I actually had to stop reading for a few days because it was disturbing to read, over and over again, about Aaron. I also very much disliked the teasers as to what happened to/in Prentisstown, and why Todd was special. It seemed as though everyone was complicit in keeping the secret (not just within the town, but in other communities), and I never really felt that it was resolved.

Granted, this is Book One of the Chaos Walking series, so perhaps things are better in Book Two. Thing is, I disliked this so much I'm not reading Book Two.

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  1. I loved this book, but I was certainly conflicted about the violence and the death of one particular character. Aaron did seem to be a bit like something from a horror movie, something that never died and kept popping up. Usually I am not a fan of violence and tend to not like really dark fantasy (take Tunnels, for instance, where despite the buzz, I hated it. Way to dark and cheerless.). However, I think that I was drawn in to the characters and loved the writing so much that I let the rest of it go and went along for the ride. It does have some amazing conversation starters. I think it would be a great teen book choice because we may have kids on both sides of loving hating it and that is where some great discussions begin.