01 February 2009

Bone by Bone; Carol O'Connell

Bone by Bone Bone by Bone by Carol O'Connell

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Ever since reading Judas Child I've been a fan of Carol O'Connell's. The darkness at the heart of her mysteries is, for some reason, appealing.

Bone by Bone is lighter than Judas Child or Stone Angel, more akin to a book like Shell Game or Winter House . The characters are what make this book shine, with incredible descriptions of their physical presence as well as details about their psychological state. Unfortunately, that also means over explication in some areas, and by the end of the book there's very little left to our imaginations.

O'Connell doesn't quite follow the "the reader should be able to figure out the criminal from textual clues" approach, but she doesn't stray far. The murderer here was not unexpected, but the evidence did seem to come from some hidden bit of plot that, even if I went back and re-read, was so minor you wondered how the crime got solved.

In the end, the only remaining mystery is why Oren left the military just shy of his 20 years - was it Harriet's doing? was there another reason?

Part of me hopes that we'll meet him again.

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