13 February 2009

Fire; Kristin Cashore

Fire Fire by Kristin Cashore

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rating: 4 of 5 stars

When is a sequel not a sequel? When it's a book like Fire, set in the same world as Graceling, but with none of the previous book's characters or plot. I'd call it the second in a series, rather than a sequel.

Anyway, this opens with a brief prologue that introduces us to a character and the new-ish world we're going to explore, then the book proper starts. The first character, Leek, doesn't reappear for quite some time - over halfway through, in fact - which niggled at me more than I can say. As a matter of fact, it niggled at me so much I gave this a 4 instead of a 5!

That's not to say I didn't very much enjoy this trip to Cashore's imagination, or that meeting Lady Fire, Archer, Brigan, Hannah, and all the others wasn't fun. It was. So was reading those great tried-and-true themes of finding yourself, not letting your parents define who you are/will be, everyone is part monster/part human, everyone will find someone to love (and be loved by), etc..

Part of me feels sorry for those that will have to wait until September to read it; part of me envies them the enjoyment they will experience.

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  1. I'm so jealous that you have this already! I enjoyed Cashore's first book very much, and am really looking forward to returning to this world.