28 February 2009

Secrets of Greymoor; Clara Gillow Clark

Secrets of Greymoor Secrets of Greymoor by Clara Gillow Clark

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rating: 1 of 5 stars

Where to begin? The jacket made this book sound like a mystery (akin, say, to Treasure of Green Knowe, and when I read the words "Utica Insane Asylum" in the first few pages, I thought that this would be a very different type of book.

Instead, I got a short, historical fiction book about Hattie, who has a penchant for lying and losing her temper, and whose Grandmother (once part of Society) is about to lose her house through non-payment of taxes. There is no real mystery, no "secret" of Greymoor, nothing thrilling or in keeping with the jacket blurb or the cover.

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