20 March 2009

A Taste for Red; Lewis Harris

A Taste for Red A Taste for Red by Lewis Harris

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Poor StephanieSvetlana Grimm - moved from Texas to California, going from being homeschooled to in Middle School, and worse: only liking red foods, sleeping under her bed, able to control other's thoughts and a heightened sense of smell. What is going on? She must be a vampire, right?

Well, not quite right. It seems that Svet is actually a version of Buffy, an Olfactive and a potential member of the Circle of Red. But she also has to deal with Sandy and her minions (Marsha and Madison) and form her own Scoobies, Foote and Fumio. And then there's her dog, Razor, and her treehouseOak of Doom.

All-in-all, this feels like the start of a good series for younger MS students.

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