18 April 2009

Sahwira, An African Friendship; Carolyn Marsden

Sahwira: An African Friendship Sahwira: An African Friendship by Carolyn Marsden

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Good YA Historical Fiction set in 1964 Rhodesia - Evan (an American living on a Methodist Mission and attending an all-white school in town) is torn between his life on the Mission and his friendship with Blessing, the Minister's son. To his school friends, he's a kaffir-lover; to the Mission kids he's an example of white privilege. When a white farmer is killed by some rebels, he makes a choice that could lead to disaster for the others on the Mission.

There's a universal quality to this type of story - it could be a German boy and a Jewish one, or any other pairing of Elite Ruler and Other. Given that this is not a topic much studied in school, and that Zimbabwe is still a nation torn by war and terror, it's a good book for MS students.

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