17 May 2009

Goldengrove; Francine Prose

Goldengrove: A Novel Goldengrove: A Novel by Francine Prose

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When Nico's sister Margaret dies, her family's world crumbles. Sounds banal, right? Yet Prose does something slightly different with the story -- it's not just about grief and getting along with life after the death of a sibling. It's about finding yourself, about being less than your sister's paler shadow and more of a person that will grow old. The characters, even the minor ones, felt real, as though the book was peering into the lives of people that actually existed.

The interweaving of old movies/songs reminded me a little of Davies' The Cunning Man, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Even though this is told through the eyes of (mostly) 13-year-old Nico, I have a difficult time calling this a YA book...

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  1. I agree - I would definitely call it adult fiction, not YA. I listened to this one on audio - liked it, but didn't love it.