17 May 2009

Inkdeath; Cornelia Funke

Inkdeath (Inkheart, Book 3) Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

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rating: 2 of 5 stars

Inkheart was such a wonderful book - the juxtaposition of the "real" world vs. the Inkworld that an author created to amuse his grandchildren, and the characters that Mo, a silvertongued storyteller/bookbinder read out of that world into the real one. Inkspell was very much a middle book, and now Inkdeath completes the trilogy. What a waste - had Ms. Funke shortened all three (and there's plenty to tighten up!), there could have been a great book and sequel, completing each other. As it is, Inkdeath continues the excess of Inkspell: too much description, action sequences inexplicably dragging on or being raced through, and an author who doesn't know how to end the books properly.

Granted, I'm no author, but this could have been a Mobius-strip of a book, with an Inkworld author writing about an imagined world we call home. The problems of an author giving birth to a world and watching it unfold, helpless to change it back to what the original intention was did get some play in Book Two, but by Book Three that was barely a concern.

I also resent books that hurt my wrists, and at 660+ pages, this book certainly did that. I found myself reading slower and slower, not really caring about the characters I'd so enjoyed in the first book.

Still, younger readers, those that love fantasy/adventure, will enjoy the series.

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