25 May 2009

Three Cups of Tea (YR version); Greg Mortenson

Three Cups of Tea: Young Reader's Edition Three Cups of Tea: Young Reader's Edition by Greg Mortenson

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This is probably heresy, but I didn't really like this book (to be more specific, I didn't like this version of the book). It is clearly written to promote the Higher Purpose of the Work rather than telling the story of Greg Mortenson, his schools and the CAI. Unlike some of the other remade-for-a-YA-audience books I've read, this just doesn't feel as real as the original did.

I'm also very unclear what age group "young readers" encompasses. At times, I thought perhaps 4/5 graders and at other times perhaps a little older. The glossary at the back is almost haphazard, defining words like "glacier" while leaving "clambering" alone. A better strategy would have been to only highlight those words that were not in English.

It's a pity that Mr. Mortenson's book didn't get a better adaptation.

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