05 June 2009

Beige; Cecil Castelluci

Beige Beige by Cecil Castellucci

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars
Rather predictable story: Katy (an uptight Quebecois-American) is sent by her mother to live in LA with her father. Mom's off to Peru to work at an archaeological dig and Katy hasn't seen her father in eight years - sounds like the perfect solution, right? Dad's The Rat, a Tommy Lee clone for an infamous band named Suck (no umlauts!), lives like an absolute slob and has no idea how to relate to his daughter.

Turns out, Katy's repressed. So when Lake "befriends" her (because The Rat's paying her, not because she'd actually like someone like Katy), Lake decides to name her Beige, as in bland. Boring. Dull.

There are two boys, Leo and Garth. There's punk and near-punk and drums and "merch" and by the end, well, Katy's learned to not be afraid to let her inner emotions show, to sing, to like music, etc.. The Rat is actually a pretty good father, and Lake turns into a friend. As I said, predictable.

Not quite beige-predictable, more mauve.

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