22 June 2009

Other Powers; Barbara Goldsmith

Other Powers Other Powers by Barbara Goldsmith

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While the author may choose to think of this as a biography of Victoria Woodhull, in reality it is so much more. This book ties together the emerging suffrage movement, the Great Awakening, Free Love, the Civil War and just about every major event/movement in Victorian Era America. Woodhull is one of the major players, but Horace Greeley, Susan B. Anthony, the Beecher clan and Frederick Douglass (among others) all play equally vital roles in this story.

Most readers may have heard of, or studied, one or two of these topics but having them so clearly interwoven shows what a young, closely knit country we were. It would be nice of more histories (or biographies) did the same "putting into context" that Other Powers does.

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