18 August 2009

The End is Now; Rob Stennett

The End Is Now The End Is Now by Rob Stennett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not having grown up in a community that awaited the Rapture, I'm not really qualified to talk about the accuracy of this book's depiction of the event. I'm also not really qualified to speak about what parts of the book were satire (per back cover description).

Having said that... If one does believe in the Rapture and visions and prophecy, the actions of Will and Amy seem completely real. As do the actions and reactions of the town - the fear, the excitement, the riots, the attempt to quell them, etc.. During the course of my lifetime I've seen other, seemingly smaller events create a huge public insanity and it's easy to imagine that in a smallish town, this is what would happen if people there truly believed (or didn't believe).

The ending reminded me a little (ok, it reminded me a lot) of the ending of Key's The Forgotten Door. And the acknowledgments struck me as a little mean (I know, I know: it's satire and satire can be mean but still, this was unnecessary mean).

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