15 August 2009

Everything For A Dog; Ann M. Martin

Everything for a Dog Everything for a Dog by Ann M. Martin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I cried when I read Martin's A Dog's Life, and hoped that this book would be more upbeat. It is... barely. This is the story of Bone, the brother to Squirrel (the heroine of the previous book). It's also the story of Charlie, who "lost" his brother RJ one year and then, barely a year later, sees his dog/best friend Sunny shot by a hunter. And it's the story of Henry, who really really really wants a dog (but gets two hamsters and a cat instead). The interweaving of Bone's story, which is a little weepy, with those of Charlie and Henry brightens the tone a bit.

Turns out, Henry is Charlie's son and Charlie doesn't want Henry to go through the pain and loss he did. However, Henry meets Bone (renamed Buddy) and has Other Plans, including being responsible, Rehabilitating the dog, and bringing him into the family. Which, of course, ultimately happens but not in the way Henry plans.

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