02 August 2009

The Eyeball Collector; F.E. Higgins

The Eyeball Collector The Eyeball Collector by F.E. Higgins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book seems perfect for Middle School-age boys: moments of humor, that deliciously gross factor that age group loves, a world they can believe. And riddles.

The plot is pretty simple: boy's father dies after losing his fortune, boy plots revenge, boy almost realizes revenge. The titular man is a blackmailer (among other things) and the to-be-revenged-upon character, with just enough "ewww" in him. Lady Mandible is creepy, and the name! Really: mandible? Love. It.

Not quite a sequel, it's a new part of Higgins' world in the same way the Fire is part of the Graceling world, a world that boys (that supposedly hard-to-reach group) will enjoy exploring.

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  1. This book is great! Made me want to look for other books by FE Higgins.