14 August 2009

Goldstrike; Matt Whyman

Goldstrike Goldstrike by Matt Whyman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the parts about Carl's hacking into (and around) Cleo - given that there was little technobabble and more "thought", it didn't make me feel like I couldn't follow. The idea behind Sphinx and the internal defenses was also pretty cool.

Where the book lost me was with the seemingly interminable "fight" between Samuel, Sabine and Carl/Beth. It went on for too long and just felt improbable. Surely Cleo could have found a better way to deal with things?

Not having read Inside the Cage, I had no expectation of Goldstrike. And lucky for me (and other readers) the flashbacks were kept to a minimum; unlucky for me, the ending clearly points to another book. The ending chapter read like something the author added to keep readers involved and wanting to purchase/read the next one, rather than a real conclusion to this part of the saga.

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