18 August 2009

Little Black Lies; Tish Cohen

Little Black Lies Little Black Lies by Tish Cohen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In an effort to fit in at her new school, to erase her parent's divorce (and the shame she felt when her mother ran off with the husband of the school's most popular teacher), and to hide her father's OCD, Sara tells some little lies. Black lies, obviously, because they're not the ones we call white lies.

This is one of those wanting-to-be-part-of-the-popular crowd stories, with consequences. Of course the girl she wants to be friends with most, Carling, is also the prettiest and meanest. Of course one of the others (Izzie) will feel threatened and discover Sara's lies. And of course Sara will do something stupid to cover for her lies.

What I liked is that the consequence of all this is real: there's no last minute saving. Sara scuttles her future for stupid reasons, and she's stuck with that. On the other hand, she does - in the end - get The Guy, so perhaps things are all bad. While I wish we could have seen more about her school, or some of the more interesting characters, I'm glad that this really takes the form of a morality tale. Whether younger readers will see that is, of course, a question.

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