16 August 2009

Lying With the Dead; Michael Mewshaw

Lying With the Dead Lying With the Dead by Michael Mewshaw
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is one of those books that my mother likes - messed up family coming together at the end. Except here they don't really "come together", they meet briefly and then separate and I suspect they'll never meet up again.

This read like a retread of some Oprah novel, all this family strife and angst and secrets with no one left undamaged. The Big Secrets weren't such secrets (read enough of these types and you'll see the reveal coming a mile away).

What bothered me most was that the oldest, Maury, is supposed to be Asperberg's and OCD. Fine. But that doesn't always equate with dumb or slow and here it appears to. Since the book is told in the voices of the three children, it would have been nice had he been proven to not be either but perhaps that was his role in the family.

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