25 September 2009

Elf Realm: The High Road; Daniel Kirk

Elf Realm: The High Road Elf Realm: The High Road by Daniel Kirk
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This took longer to read than it should have - I let life distract me. Overall, this is a good Quest story. In part one (which I didn't read), the Humans have managed to destroy part of the Elves home. In part two, there are two Quests undertaken: a Human (Matt), an Elf (Tuava-Li) and a Troll (Tomtar) head first to Argant (that's Pittsburgh, to us humans) and then to the North Pole to relive an ancient Epic; there's also a Human (Becky, Matt's sister), an Elf Princess (Asra) and her mad former fiance (Macta) heading to where Becky's parents are being held and where 1,000 human children will be sacrificed to either a demon or the Goddess (it's not quite clear who wins when this happens).

Of course, nothing goes smoothly or as planned. The first trio get sidetracked into finding shelter and then rescuing Tomtar's uncle while the second have this pesky demon (and two horrible Elf Mages) to deal with. There are Green Men, humans that can see the faery world (including Pixies), discussions about gambling, the promise of body parts in return for favors (like assuming the shape of an Elf Prince) and other flights of fancy. I'm not trying to sound flip - this really was a good story in this genre. Younger readers will enjoy it, but there is a menace to the story that might not make this a good read for anyone under, say, sixth grade.

I liked the book enough to keep my eyes open for the first, and the upcoming third.

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