24 November 2009

13 Treasures; Michelle Harrison

The Thirteen Treasures The Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
While exploring the same kind of world as Wicked Lovely and Strange Angels, this book is a younger version and will be a great way to get those readers into this genre. The themes of the changeling child, Seelie/Unseelie Courts, second sight, faeries and all that will be new to younger readers; however, for older readers, there's no new twist.

The world Tanya inhabits feels familiar to any reader of Nesbit or Eager (or Boston or pick another faerie fantasy author) and yet because there's no modern technology (cell phones or computers) it will also feel foreign to today's readers. That's ok, because the story will keep them interested and engaged. It's also clear that this book will have a sequel, and I wonder if Harrison can keep things as interesting as she did here. Why do I think there'll be a sequel? There were enough ends left deliberately loose for me to believe it was sloppy writing/editing.

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