16 November 2009

The Chosen One; Carol Lynch Williams

The Chosen One The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

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What is it with the polygamist Mormon theme? Is it because of "Big Love"? This is the third book (The 19th Wife and Latter-Day Cipher being the other two) that explore that realm.

First of all, this is not an easy read - much like Sold is not an easy read. And because it takes place in America there's not that comfort level of thinking it's about another, completely foreign culture. We know that there are these groups, we know that this sort of life does happen.

Kyra's life among The Chosen Ones is not idyllic, but it is relatively normal, except for her feelings for (and flirtation with) Joshua, and her "sin" of going to the mobile library to read forbidden books. Her six mothers seem to get along, and she's close with her many siblings, caring for them as though they were all her biological family. And her father appears to be kind and loving. But when she's Chosen to marry her 60+-years-older uncle, she rebels, and in the processes potentially destroys her family.

I'm not sure I'd recommend this to younger teens.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my post. Even though this story sounds compelling, I can't bring myself to read any of so-called "Mormon" polygamists books. It creeps me out, I guess.