11 November 2009

Fallen; Lauren Kate

Fallen Fallen by Lauren Kate

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How to review this without giving major spoilers (pub. date is next month)? Not sure that's possible, but I'll try.

Luce (Lucinda) has spent most of her HS years at Dover Prep, a New England prep school, making friends and doing normal teenage stuff. One day, she and Trevor go into a cabin and start making out. Something happens - she's not sure what - but a fire breaks out and Trevor doesn't survive. Turns out that for years she's been seeing these shadows hovering around, and her time at Dover was part of an attempt to "cure" her (she'd been on meds, seeing shrinks, etc. to no avail).

After the fire? There's no choice but to send her to a reform school, Sword & Cross, near her parents. There she's schooled on "meds, beds and reds", and meets Cam (the gorgeous boy she just might get) and Daniel (the equally gorgeous boy she seems to remember from before but who clearly wants nothing to do with her). There's the usual girls being teen girls, and of course the typical HS rebellion (as much as you can rebel in a school where you're under constant surveillance).

Any more would be spoilers - but if you liked the Wicked Lovely series you'll probably like this one; however the writing isn't quite as good and the characters not as strongly drawn.

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