28 November 2009

Things We Didn't See Coming; Steven Amsterdam

Things We Didn't See Coming Things We Didn't See Coming by Steven Amsterdam
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Apocalypse Blah... Apparently, Y2K really did crash the grid and we spend the next 30-odd years living through the food shortages, weather disruptions (massive rains, fires, hurricanes, etc.), cancers and other catastrophes, thanks to our unnamed narrator.

Starting on New Year's, 1999, he and his parents load up a survivalists amount of stuff and leave their home to stay with his grandparents. Dad leaves to wait at some secret location in the woods, and we're off. Surviving by his wits (theft, mostly petty) and several government-related jobs (Relocation, mostly), he finally ends up - many cancers and relationships later - doing tours for the nearly dead and dying. The final tour takes a detour to Dad's house, a veritable eden with clean water, air and food. It is there we (and he) end this tale.

While some of the images are interesting, it seemed more of a mish-mash of every The End Is Coming scenario than taking readers on a new journey.

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