28 February 2010

Hearts at Stake; Alyxandra Hrvey

Hearts at Stake (The Drake Chronicles, #1) Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another good new vampire series to follow - this time it's about the Drake clan, several hundred (ok, maybe a thousand) years old and "natural born" vampires. What's that? They're born and go through a bloodchange a puberty. Not all of them, mind you, but enough of them. Mostly the men, but then Solange comes along... the first female "natural" vampire in centuries, part of the Drake clan, and (duh) part of a Prophecy.

I loved the relationship she has with her seven older brothers, and with her BFF Luckyucy (ok, maybe not so F as Lucy's a human, but one never knows with series), and her discovery that blood is better than chocolate was amusing. The whole vampire clan and Host and Hounds and Helios-Ra and Hel-Blar thing was a bit much (very Darren Shan), while the verbal exchanges had serious Buffy overtones. Of course, for me any vampire that doesn't sparkle is a vampire worth considering!

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