06 February 2010

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Watchlist: A Serial Thriller Watchlist: A Serial Thriller by Jeffery Deaver
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I'll be the first to admit I'm not a great fan of the thriller genre, and this book didn't convince me I was missing much. Quite possibly it wasn't the genre's fault, but the fact that this is a gimmick book. What's the gimmick? Gather a bunch of thriller writers (the only names I recognized were Jeffrey Deaver and Lisa Scottoline, but I'm sure the others are well-known to thriller fans) and have them add chapters to the stories.

While the plot hung together as much as one would expect from a "you can't trust this person/motive/fact because it's really some twist you don't see coming" genre, each chapter does have a different flavor because of the different authors. Some had more dialogue, some more description (And seriously, can we call a halt to identifying leather as "buttery soft"? I get it. Actually, I got it, about ten years ago. Leather = buttery soft. Let's move on.), some were more action-based. That slight difference is, I'm sure, in place so that fans of Gayle Lynds or Peter Spiegelman can have that moment of recognition when "their" writer appears.

As far as plot goes, they (this is two novellas in one volume) seemed pretty average and only there to really hold the gimmick together.

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