19 March 2010

Starlighter; Bryan Davis

The Starlighter (Dragons of Starlight) The Starlighter by Bryan Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of those two people in different worlds managing to communicate books - although that's too simplistic. Koren is a slave on a dragon-dominated planet (so nothing like Pern, for example). Jason is a peasant in a Middle Ages-type society, a good fighter and believer in myths about the Lost Ones. His brother takes off to find these Lost Ones, and Jason gets involved in a murder/coup and flees (gathering as allies a jailed childhood friend who can See, a jailed nutcase who knows something about the passageway to the dragon world and the son of the murdered leader).

Koren, meanwhile, is a slave serving a reasonably nice dragon and his family; she has the ability to Storytell, which can hypnotize the listeners into believing the story is real. She, too, is looking for a passageway out, and in her desire to help a friend, ends up as a slave to an unborn dragon Prince.

There's a Ozian field of flowers guarding the entryway to this passageway, but soon Jason and Koren are communicating via a crystal egg (sounds very much like Incarceron!) and then the gateway between the worlds opens and... well... I won't spoil things any further. You'll have to read this.

Of course nothing is completely resolved, and of course it's part of a series (hence my 4-star rating). I'm really tired of this trend towards fantasy series and cliffhanger endings.

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