26 April 2010

Sisters Red; Jackson Pearce

Sisters Red (Sisters Red, #1) Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Are werewolves going to be the next vampire? Somehow I doubt it, simply because vampires are somewhat inherently sexier than werewolves... but that's not stopping the publishers from trying!

Sisters Red is the tale of two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, who hunt. There's also Silas, the boy-next-door, who happens to be the son of a woodsman and who helps them in their hunts. They throw knives and axes, train like mini-Buffy's, and hunt Fenris (aka werewolves). Yes, there's also a grandmother (who dies early on).

There's an increase in Fenris activity in their small town because apparently there's a Potential out there - a man (or boy) who is just on the verge of being a wolf, he just needs to be bitten. The three decide to move to Atlanta to take on the Alphas and as many Fenris as possible. The problem is, Silas and Rosie would also like to have a life, while for Scarlett, this is her life (of course, it may help that Scarlett bears the scars of the attack that killed their grandmother).

I'm not sure why this is going to be a series, but I've stopped trying to figure out why publishers (or authors) are insisting that every new idea be carried out to three or four books. This is a good story and doesn't need any follow-up.

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