02 May 2010

Lord Sunday; Garth Nix

Lord Sunday (The Keys to the Kingdom, #7) Lord Sunday by Garth Nix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The conceit of a House, designed by an Architect who leaves only after creating a Will and indicating that a mortal will be the Heir interested me from the start of Mister Monday, and Arthur's adventures throughout the Keys to the Kingdom series have never failed that initial premise.

The way in which Suzy, Doc, the Mariner, the Piper, Dame Primus and Leaf engage with Lord Sunday and Arthur's acquiring the Seventh Key are all in keeping with their roles throughout the series. I particularly liked Elephant, Daisy and Admiral Giac, they made nice additions to the cast.

Some may find that the theological questions raised in this series are too much; I think that if your faith is strong enough, the ideas that Nix raises won't shake them. The ending, where Nothing takes over and the Universe may (or may not) start again leaves one with hope for the future. Given the play that 2012 (the Mayan End of Days) and all the other versions have had, this is relatively mild.

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