20 June 2010

This Body of Death; Elizabeth George

This Body of Death (Lynley #15) This Body of Death by Elizabeth George
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Bloat. Nearly 700 pages - at least 300 of which are bloat. I don't know if this was down to the author's inability to cut, the editor's inability to suggest changes to the author, or the publisher's desire to create quite the doorstop but really, 300-400 pages would have done just fine.

I'm also not sure I like the direction that Lynley is going, personally. It's difficult having to bring him back to the Met after the loss of Helen, but there are elements of his return that give me pause. His relationships with Havers and his new boss, Isabelle Ardery just seem slightly out of line with the rest of the series.

As a mystery, I felt as though I'd read something similar before (yes, I know there's a formula and there are limited ways in which a murder can be performed and solved) but there was something here that keeps niggling at me. Not quite plagiarism, but an idea that someone else had also played with. In any event, I was less impressed with this than I've been with other Lynley/Havers mysteries.

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