10 July 2010

The Danger Box; Blue Balliett

The Danger BoxThe Danger Box by Blue Balliett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Zoomy is an OCD/ASD child with Pathological Myopia and he's being raised by his grandparents in a small, backward town in Michigan. Sounds promising, right? But Zoomy's life isn't that bad - he and his grandparents have constructed a life that works. Then one day (thanks to the mysterious Mr. Zip, his package and Zoomy's alcoholic-thief of a father) that life radically changes. The mystery of the notebook, who Gas is/was, and what will happen to his family are gentle mysteries: not a lot to scare readers, but there are some puzzles for them to solve. As with her other books, there are codes and tons of factual information stuffed into this book; I suspect younger readers enjoy that more than adult readers.

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