31 July 2010

Hacking Timbucktu; Stephen Davies

Hacking TimbuktuHacking Timbuktu by Stephen Davies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My biggest complaint about this book was that there was no explanation of the parkour moves (the author does link to a website at the end of the book, but a little more information would have been nice), and there's nothing really about the Dogon tribe or what a Nommo is. While I usually get annoyed with too much time spent on explanations or exposition, in the case of books that are set in real, but unusual settings, it's needed!

Having griped a little, let me now say that the book will really appeal to boy readers. The suspense level is a little low (it becomes obvious that Danny and Omar will 1. be trapped in each "environment" and 2. will figure out an escape route), but the way in which they meet each obstacle will surprise readers. The combination of parkour and hacking will appeal to readers because it's unusual; it wouldn't be a surprise to see parkour picking up here in the US.

This book really deserved a 4.5, but I'm giving it a rare 5 because my complaints are really more in the arena of wanting additional information rather than plot or character related.

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