04 July 2010

Stiltsville; Susanna Daniel

Stiltsville: A Novel Stiltsville: A Novel by Susanna Daniel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stiltsville is firmly in the Anne Rivers Siddons and Maeve Binchey school: a saga (although this one is shorter than most) of a person's life. It's not deep reading, but a good solid beach read.

Frances' life is rather, well, unfixed. She seems to drift in and out of things - her job, her relationship with Dennis, her moving to Miami, her marriage, etc.. There's no sense that she's really passionate about anything that happens to her or her family. Even her husband Dennis' ALS and eventual death seem to be met with the same blase nature with which she meets everything that's come before. The historical mentions could just as easily have been left out of the narrative because they didn't add or change anything.

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