16 July 2010

Swoon at Your Own Risk; Sydney Salter

Swoon at Your Own RiskSwoon at Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The writing style bugged me: I've never been a fan of the "write as you talk", uh, you know, school of writing. And some of the gimmick wore thin but... I think that younger girls might, possibly, learn something from this book.

There are many girls (I know, I'm related to at least one and went to school with many others) who "become" their boyfriend. They share his taste in music, wear his favorite color (when I was in junior high, his favorite flavor Bonnie Belle Lip Smacker was, apparently, a make-or-break relationship factor). By the end of this book, Polly's starting to realize that you might be able to have a relationship without all that, by just being your self.

Communication is also stressed, and the characters - particularly Polly - spend too much time talking and not listening. Again, by the end, that's starting to change.

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