13 July 2010

Unholy Awakening; Michael Gregorio

Unholy Awakening (Hanno Stiffeniis, #4)Unholy Awakening by Michael Gregorio
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This mystery series is new to me, and while I'm not generally a fan of the historical mystery (Brother Cadfael notwithstanding) this is was a good read.

Set during the French occupation of Prussia (during Napoleon's reign), it's also a time when reason and superstition collide. Our hero is firmly on the side of reason, looking for natural causes for the supposedly supernatural. In this case, deaths caused by a vampire - the local population wants to dig up the bodies and stake them, he'd prefer to look among the very living for the murder. He's also all too human, allowing the main suspect to seduce him away from his suspicions; had he paid more attention, the mystery might have been solved earlier.

Of course the world of that time is graphically described, and if you've got a suggestible nose this is not the series for you! The clash between the French and the Prussians is also very well described.

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