25 August 2010

Jump; Ginger Rue

JumpJump by Ginger Rue
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Poor Brinkley: she's pretty, relatively smart, rich and, well, most amazing girl at Story High. It's hard work making sure you're always dressed better than anyone else, that your boyfriend also qualifies as arm candy, and to keep a ready supply of Mean Girl comments and quips coming at those less fortunate. Until, of course, she finds out what it's like being a loser. Yep, Jump has a whole Heathers-meets-Being John Malkovich theme going on.

We open with Brinks in therapy, part of a deal her parents were able to make (in addition to a large donation to the school) to keep her from being kicked out for being the Head Mean Girl, responsible for four people transferring out of the school. Irirangi (no distance-creating Dr. for her) starts by asking about Brinkley's relationships, and shows her a group of photos that Brinkley describes as "loser types".

Then the weird thing starts happening: she wakes up as other people. All losers, all people Brinkley would ignore or slight, and all whose lives have a certain teachable quality to their lives (compassion, listening, etc.). Seems her therapist has a Mrs. Piggy-Wiggle approach to helping people work through their issues.

Here's the thing - the amount of time Brinkley spends as each of these people is minimal (I think the longest is 12 hours). Yet somehow what she experiences is so intense that she's forever changed. Sorry, not buying it. Out of Sight, Out of Mind (another new book) is more believable because Amanda spends more time as Tracy - in as far as these books are believable.

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  1. I liked Ginger Rue's other book, Brand-New Emily, also. I can't wait until this book is published.

  2. I wasn't as thrilled with this book either, kind of "been there, done that" feel to it. Check out my review on amandarosetew.blogspot.com