07 August 2010

Mothers and Other Liars; Amy Bourret

Mothers and Other LiarsMothers and Other Liars by Amy Bourret
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is a very well-written book about a young woman, Ruby, orphaned, who on a trip to California finds an abandoned baby, rescues her and then ends up in Las Vegas New Mexico (aka "not the real Las Vegas"). Nine years later she realizes that the life she and Lark have created is about to come apart at the seams: Lark was not abandoned, she'd been kidnapped, and Ruby was now accessory to the crime.

She approaches an attorney, who starts to work on a deal but the entire thing unravels when the Dallas DA gets involved. Suddenly, Ruby is on trial and Lark (now called Tyler) has been whisked to her "real" family, the Tinsdales with no regard for her relationship with Ruby (or Aunt Wonnie, Chaz, the Ms or anyone else). Ruby is acquitted, and she comes up with the idea of approaching the Tinsdales with a swap: her unborn child for Lark. Of course, it all goes wrong (or, well, right) in the end.

So why the one star? This will feed into many adoptee's fears (being abandoned, not wanted by their birth parents) and hopes (that there's a "real" family out there that wants them), as well as many adoptive parents hopes and fears.

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