23 August 2010

Rivers of Gold; Adam Dunn

Rivers of Gold: A NovelRivers of Gold: A Novel by Adam Dunn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rivers of Gold isn't quite a dystopian novel, more a future-noir look at NYC (places like Bloomingdales are out of business, ditto Bryant Park Cafe; the Atlantic Yards project never took off). Told mostly through the viewpoints of Renny, a photographer phenomenon and of Santiago, a CAB cop, this book was not quite my cup of tea but was compelling enough for me to finish it.

The idea that NYC could crumble that way didn't bother me (after the 70s "drop dead" phase, anything's possible) nor did the casual drugs, sex and violence. More's character was probably the most intriguing, probably because he was filtered through Santiago's experiences. Much of the book read as though it might become a movie - there are some great action sequences, and enough description to satisfy any set designer.

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