18 September 2010

Glee: the beginning

The Beginning (Glee, #1)The Beginning by Sophia Lowell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My first tv-novel was a Partridge Family book, so it seems appropriate to be reading one about Glee. The problem is that I'm not a huge Gleek - am I the only one that finds Rachel's facial expression when she sings annoying?

ANYway, this takes us to the start of the year, when Rachel first joins Glee Club; it's only got four members and an absentee advisor/coach, but she's sure she can make something of it. There are predictable run-ins with the Cheerios, and we see the start of her relationship with Finn (not to mention the Quinn/Puck "romance").

Because this is based on the tv series, some of the book seems forced. The descriptions of the characters are a little heavy, probably because you have to be able to really place the person you see on screen into the plot of the book. And, of course, it lacks the musical numbers (they are alluded to), which are the parts that most people like about the show. Will readers respond because of that lack?

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