03 October 2010

Dracula in Love; Karen Essex

Dracula in LoveDracula in Love by Karen Essex
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's been a while since I read Dracula so I'm not sure how closely this follows the original's Mina and Lucy backstory. The language and general tone try to mimic that of a 19th century novel but there were moments when it was clearly a 21st century work.

Told through Mina's eyes, the tale of Lucy, Morris, Van Helsinger, the Count and Harker become part of an Irish Sidhe tale, adding another layer to the vampire story. Mina's involvement with the Count apparently spans centuries, and in each of many lifetimes she has visions and other supernatural feelings that eventually lead her to him; in this one, she experiences vivid dreams in which he appears. These dreams continue throughout her life, through her engagement, and then marriage to Jonathan Harker.

The scenes Whitby, with Lucy's illness and obsession with Morris Quince and those in the asylum (that water cure is particularly horrific are quite well written; the ones in Ireland and with the Count are a little over-the-top. This disparity makes for a slightly jarring read.

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