29 October 2010

Girl, Stolen; April Henry

Girl, StolenGirl, Stolen by April Henry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Imagine you're blind... sick... and suddenly carjacked. Or that you're trying to prove to your father that you can play with the big boys by stealing an expensive SUV, only to find that you've inadvertently taken a girl along with the car. That sums up the story of Cheyenne and Griffin.

The problem is that the device of telling the story through alternating points-of-view doesn't quite work: the voices are too similar, ditto their reactions to the external characters (Ray, TJ and Jimbo). It also wasn't a surprise that Griffin turns out to be a good guy, or that Ray is worse than he first appears. The final interplay between TJ and Jimbo did come as a surprise, one of the few in the book.

So why three stars? I can see teen readers enjoying the story and wondering about "what happens after". It also raises some questions about doing the right thing, and presents being blind (particularly when sighted at birth) in a way readers can relate to.

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