12 October 2010

Six Men; Alistair Cooke

Six MenSix Men by Alistair Cooke
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Mr. Cooke uses words so well... These six portraits are of men whose names are familiar us (Bertrand Russell and Adlai Stevenson, to name two) but whose lives and personalities are no longer on our radar.

These aren't biographies, more sketches of the life at a certain moment with glimpses of the past and present. Each selection is rather personal, with the author interacting in some way with each person. Most of the time he's an observer, listening to the pontifications and musings (which in the case of Russell and Mencken is really quite interesting).

Recommended as an entry into these six lives

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  1. Oh this does sound interesting...and I haven't thought about Alistair Cooke for such a long time. Thanks for your review.