04 November 2010

The Girl Who Became The Beatles; Greg Taylor

The Girl Who Became The BeatlesThe Girl Who Became The Beatles by Greg Taylor
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What happens when you make a wish, a really, really big wish? Regina's a huge Beatles fan and, when her band (the Caverns) starts to implode, she wishes that the group was bigger than the Beatles. Next morning, she's not bigger than the Beatles, she's taken their place in history. According to her Fairy Godmother - one who communicates via e-mail - no one can be bigger than the Beatles, so you just have to be them.

The wish comes with a deadline: after a certain amount of time, she has to decide if she wants to stay in that world, or if she wants to return to her previous existence. Of course there are lessons learned about her parents, their divorce, her relationships with the band members and music, etc.. And in the end, her decision doesn't surprise the reader.

At times it felt as though the author hung the entire plot around the theme "what you have isn't so bad after all" (or words to that effect), so the tension one might expect wasn't there. Using the Beatles is probably a good choice, as many younger readers do know who they are and are familiar with their earliest works (unlike, for example, the Rolling Stones); that Regina has to explain about the Hollywood Bowl concerts just made me feel old.

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