17 November 2010

Halo; Alexandra Adornetto

Halo (Halo, #1)Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This battle between good and evil takes place in a tiny town called Venus Cove. Good is represented by literal angels (including Gabriel, aka "Strength of God" or Archangel Gabriel), while evil is a teen either from hell or possessed by demons (it's not quite clear).

The idea that an angel could fall in love with a human and crave - however chastely - human affection and touch is kind of interesting. That the angels have an internal glow and radiance is nothing new, but it does tend to sound like either the usual pr package or someone's trying to make them the equivalent of the Cullens. I did like that Bethany loses herself so much into her relationship with Xavier that she misses the warning signs about Jack, but the fact that Gabriel also misses those signs is a little more problematic.

My guess is that this is designed to be a good spiritual, Christian version of the whole vampire/shapeshifter/supernatural explosion and as such it's not bad. Not great, either. I didn't like that the "family's" life without cell phones, tv, etc. was described as "Quaker" (uh, the Quakers haven't given up modern technology - plain living doesn't preclude tv!" and that the librarian was "cranky). But those are minor quibbles compared to the fact that the plot didn't say anything new and that the characters seemed lifeless.

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  1. Thanks for warning me that they describe the librarian as cranky. We have such a snappish stereotype to live down. Ha. Kids are drawn to this book because of the cover but no one has told me if they like it, so thank you for the review. I'm visiting from the Saturday morning Blog preview of book reviews site.