07 November 2010

The Radleys; Matt Haig

The RadleysThe Radleys by Matt Haig
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sigh. Yet another vampire book... the good news is that this isn't going to be a series (at least, there's no indication that it will be). Thing is, this isn't a bad book - it's just one too many in the genre. (and let's not talk about how in one day I received a book entitled The Mockingbirds and this one - or that there's a character here named Harper.)

So, what are abstaining vampires like? Can they actually blend? Helen and Peter seem to think so, and pass off their children's "ailments" as being a rash, or anemia, or something like that. The reality is that they need blood, and not just animal blood. Everything else is going just fine (if you can call daily bullying and teasing "fine") until Harper decides that he really likes Clara, to the point of forcing himself on her. Ooops.

The aftermath doesn't play out the way one might expect. There's some "oh cool look at me now" but mostly there's a sense of "this is wrong", that you can overcome your nature to be a decent human, blood or unblood notwithstanding. The moral questions posed are what kept the book interesting because honestly, other than that, it was just another vampire book.

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