24 November 2010

Room; Emma Donoghue

RoomRoom by Emma Donoghue
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm so happy that the student who wanted this book forgot to take it before Thanksgiving Break! What a wonderful page turner (although I can understand where parents might find it difficult to read).

Jack's five years of life have been spent in Room and everything else is Outside, which seems to be TV or Outer Space. Ma keeps him on a tight schedule, with PE and games and food and bed all at prescribed times. Occasionally, Ma is Gone, but Jack can take care of himself those days. And then there's Old Nick, who makes Door go beep beep and takes the trash and brings Sundaytreat (and sometimes toys). He also makes Bed creak. Then one day Ma tells him that what's on tv isn't pretend, and starts teaching him the steps that will help him escape.

After the escape, Jack and Ma find the world a bit confusing - understandably so. Of course there's the media frenzy, as well as the mental and physical adjustments to being Outside (like, germs and sunscreen and choices). This part of the book went on just a little too long for me, but it did balance out the time spent in the Room. Because this is Jack's story and told from his point-of-view, there are parts that don't quite make sense. It also didn't make sense when Ma gave the interview on tv (despite Jack's skill at the Parrot game, he wouldn't have gotten as much of the interview as is presented in the book).

Still, highly recommended for older teens and adults.

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  1. I liked the interview scene, but you are right that it is probably one of the few parts in the book where the narrative voice drifts somewhat. It really is written in more detail than is characteristic for Jack.