17 November 2010

This is How it Happened; Jo Barrett

This Is How It Happened This Is How It Happened by Jo Barrett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You have to love a book that starts with someone baking a batch of revenge arsenic brownies, testing it on themselves and ending up being sick. Seriously - who does that? So, from the start you know this will be a rather cute/fluffy book designed to appeal to the woman scorned but who still has a sense of humor.

Maddy veers from being annoyingly dumb (with her big powerful lawyer friend Michael around, she never got a real contract for Organics 4 Kids?) to cleverly vengeful. However, between those two notes there's nothing else. The same holds true for all the characters: one, maybe two notes and nothing more. I did really like the whole "Dick" as Vengence Maven (my words, not Maddy's) plot and immediately thought that he should be the hero of a book: clever revenge strategies for the recently dumped. Or duped.

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