15 November 2010

We Are Not Eaten By Yaks; C. Alexander London

We Are Not Eaten by Yaks: An Accidental AdventureWe Are Not Eaten by Yaks: An Accidental Adventure by C. Alexander London
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I guess younger readers really like that slightly snarky, tongue-in-cheek tone because there are so many books that utilize it, including this one. Not quite An Unfortunate Event (or Adventure), this book is in the same family as Mysterious Benedict Society or the Blue Baillet mysteries.

Of course there are double-crosses and people who aren't quite what they seem, impossible escapes, interesting locales vaguely based in reality - all the elements we now expect from this genre (although the television series names would be funnier if I didn't suspect that we'll see similar shows in the near future!). And equally of course the ending leads directly into the next in the series.

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  1. I like it that your reviews are short and sweet and to the point. Way to go.